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How to apply flare monitoring technologies for EPA's NSPS OOOOb rule for the oil and natural gas sector

Updated: Mar 27

The U.S. EPA has published the final NSPS OOOOb rule (referred to as "quad O-B") for oil and natural gas sector on March 8th, 2024.  With some exceptions, facilities subject to OOOOb will need to comply with the effective date of the rule, which is May 7th, 2024. New facilities starting up after May 7th, 2024 will have to comply upon initial startup. Providence Photonics has innovative flare monitoring technologies that can help you to comply in a cost-effective manner.

Providence Photonics' Mantis™ flare monitoring system directly measures Destruction and Removal Efficiency (DRE) utilizing the Video Imaging Spectral Radiometry (VISR) method, as referred to in the preamble to the OOOOb rule. A 14-day test with Mantis™ can demonstrate that your flare operates at a DRE > 95%, which will exempt the flare from NHV monitoring requirements.  Mantis™ provides a viable alternative to the grab sample study currently required to exempt the flare from NHV monitoring.

Mantis Lite™, our latest innovation, utilizes the Simplified VISR method (also referenced in the preamble to the OOOOb rule), for those flares that cannot be exempted from the NHV monitoring requirements.  Mantis Lite™ will continuously monitor your flare to remotely measure NHVcz/NHVdil, demonstrating compliance with OOOOb requirements without the need for costly inline instrumentation.  Even if your flare qualifies for the NHV monitoring exemption, Mantis Lite™ is an alternative that can accommodate ALL of your flare monitoring requirements (NHV, flow, pilot and visible emissions). 

Looking ahead to the draft rule for Subpart W and the Inflation Reduction Act, continuous flare monitoring with Mantis Lite™ can also reduce your reportable Waste Emission Charge, providing a payback of less than four months for a Mantis Lite™ installation!

OOOOb/OOOOc: Two problems, two solutions

Make a plan for compliance for the EPA OOOOb rule

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