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Autonomous Leak Detection

with IntelliRed


Through a collaborative effort with Exxon Mobil, Providence Photonics has developed the IntelliRed™ autonomous gas leak detection system. The system is designed primarily for process safety applications, but can be used for environmental monitoring and product loss prevention.  An IntelliRed™ system includes one or more fixed IR cameras connected to a computer where a sophisticated gas plume recognition algorithm resides. The algorithm constantly processes the images generated by the IR camera, filters out non-gas plume objects or other changes in the scene, and singles out gas plumes that may be present in the scene. When gas plumes are detected, the system automatically sends an alert to designated personnel.

IntelliRed™ technology allows real-time gas plume highlighting, with multistage leak confirmations, while filtering out common interferences such as people and vehicles

  • Remotely and autonomously detect hydrocarbon gas leaks at distances up to 500 feet

  • Class 1, Division 2 classification and IP67 rating

  • Ideal for installation on offshore platforms, drilling rigs, and other hazardous areas where hydrocarbon gases could be present

  • Various alarm options available for proactive leak detection and repair

IntelliRed™ is owned by Exxon Mobil Corporation and used with permission.



IntelliRedTM can detect the following hydrocarbon gases:

  • Benzene

  • Ethanol

  • Ethylbenzene

  • Heptane

  • Hexane

  • Isoprene

  • Methanol

  • MEK

  • MIBK

  • Octane

  • Pentane

  • 1-Pentene

  • Toluene

  • Xylene

  • Butane

  • Ethane

  • Methane

  • Propane

  • Ethylene

  • Propylene

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