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A new vision, a new look

Updated: May 8, 2018

2018 marks our five year anniversary, and we're celebrating with a refocused vision and a refreshed brand image.

As industry makes a concerted effort to address climate change while meeting energy demands, Providence Photonics has also joined the effort by adopting guiding principles in support of our clients and the environment.

We've refocused our mission to better serve our clients through increased innovation towards efficiencies to reduce methane emissions, as well as through new technologies that detect, measure, and control activities at industrial facilities. You'll also see more educational opportunities with hands-on trainings and certification classes.

As we transition into the future, we're debuting a new sleeker look that's meant to invoke urgency and drive change. Our vision to "shed light on the invisible," means increasing transparency and improvement in efficiency processes. The new vibrant orange and yellow mimic industrial flares - an outward sign of facility performance - and the grey is meant to help visualize the infrared imagery used in our technologies.

Take a look around our new website to learn more about these exciting changes!

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